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At Curie, we aspire to be the best in the industry by having best practices in our company and having best ingredients in our products. 

We are very particular about where our raw materials are sourced from. We have a skilled team, who source directly from major companies of the world, thus ensuring that the raw materials are ethical sourced to make our exquisite Soaps. 

Our Research and Development team has diverse industry experience and in depth knowledge of personal care products formulations and manufacturing. This rich knowledge and passion of our people reflect in the final products we make. 

Our Soaps are one of a kind, unlike most other brand; Curie Soaps are handmade by highly skilled artisans at our dedicated manufacturing plant in Vapi, Gujarat. We want to make shift from made by machine to made by hand, which is the most sophisticated machine on the planet , as only then most beautiful soaps can be made. 

Our Promise

  1. Safe - Our product is scientifically      tested and made with Natural and botanical ingredients to care and nourish      the skin. By integrating the most beneficial skin loving ingredients, we      handcraft each soap with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it      responsibly, while being conscious of our carbon – footprint.
  2. Preservative free - Our products are      intelligently made to have self preserving formulations. Thus they are      free from harmful preservatives like parabens.  
  3. Cruelty free- We do not test our      products on animals. We are cruelty-free and do ask our supply chain to      respect this. 


Anchita Bhavsar, she has over 6 years of product development experience. She has done masters in organic chemistry from Mumbai University. She worked in Hindustan Unilever'R&D during her career. She got exposure to work with best of minds in surfactant industries and best of technology. This experience gave her in-depth understanding on surfactant chemistry. At Curie, she blends chemistry and creativity to create innovative products having superior performance.  

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