About Us


We make no tall claims, no big faces explaining products, simply products inspired by consumer’s aspirations. We want to make shift from made by machine to made by hand, which is the most sophisticated machine on the planet. Each product is Handcrafted by Artisans of India and packed in recycled paper boxes and delivered to your doorsteps. Curie engages with consumer to include their feedback at design phase itself, removing the unnecessary marketing push of product to consumer. Curie is an open company which believe in sharing information and educating consumers, so that consumer makes informed choice. 

Our Promise

  1. Safe - Our product is scientifically tested and made with Natural and botanical ingredients to care and nourish the skin. By integrating the most beneficial skin loving ingredients, we handcraft each soap with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, while being conscious of our carbon – footprint.
  2. Preservative free - Our products are intelligently made to have self preserving formulations. Thus they are free from harmful preservatives like parabens.  
  3. Cruelty free- We only test on ourselves (humans) and no other animals. We love all animals. We are cruelty-free and do ask our supply chain to respect this. 


Anchita Bhavsar, she has over 5 years of product development experience. She has done master’s in chemistry from Mumbai university. She worked in R&D centres of Galaxy surfactants and Hindustan unilever during her career. She got exposure to work with best of minds in surfactant industries and best of technology. This experience gave her deep learning on surfactant chemistry  At Curie she blends chemistry and creativity to create innovative products having superior performance.  

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